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The Power of a Pure Life

By Frederick Cardoza Feb. 27, 2011 10:00 p.m. Christian Education

Purity begets personal power.

This personal power comes from integrity. Integrity creates inner strength, which manifests itself in strong character. This 'character' increasingly produces unmitigated power in the life of the person possessing it-- and such a person is fueled by nothing other than pure conviction.

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The Fear Factor

By Frederick Cardoza Feb. 23, 2011 8:48 a.m. Christian Education, Spiritual Formation

Edvard Munch's ultimate work was his expressionist series The Frieze of Life. In that series Munch sought to illustrate some of the most fundamental themes of the human experience: life, love, death, melancholy, and fear.

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Making a Case In the Church for Expository Preaching: What I Want to Hear. . .What I Need to Hear

By Joe Hellerman Feb. 22, 2011 5:08 p.m. Christian Education, Church Life, Ministry and Leadership

I have found it rather easy over the years to convince our Talbot students of the value of expository preaching. The challenge comes when our students leave the classroom and find themselves ministering to church folks who live in a sound-bite culture, and who have a strong affinity for topical sermons that “scratch ‘em where they itch.”

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Prayer from Psalm 1

By Rob Price Feb. 22, 2011 9:42 a.m. Biblical Exposition, Old Testament, Spiritual Formation

I need help praying.  We all do.  And our heavenly Father knows that.  So he's placed his Spirit into our hearts and his word into our hands.  The Good Book, and the Book of Psalms in particular, is the prayer book of God's people.  It's part of how our Father helps us to pray.  So I've tried writing prayers based on several of the psalms.  In my church history classes, we begin class by reading a psalm and then praying—actually praying!—one of these prayers.  

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The Myth Of The Self-Made Man

By Joe Hellerman Feb. 22, 2011 8:12 a.m. New Testament, Spiritual Formation

Have you ever put together a relational biography? A relational biography describes the special people that God has used in your life over the years to get you where you are today. Try it. You’ll be amazed to discover just how much you owe to the influence of others over the years. As it turns out, I owe them just about everything! What follows is a list of but a few of my creditors, past and present.

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“…of whom the world is not worthy” -Hebrews 11:38

By Dave Talley Feb. 21, 2011 7:00 a.m. Evangelism, Missions

Hebrews 11 is often referenced as the “Hall of Faith” because its chapter is filled with the recounting of memories of saints of old who willingly gave their lives in service to our Lord.  From time to time I encounter modern day saints who have clearly lived a life consistent with this great line of witnesses.

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Holy Conference: “A Kinde of Paradise”

By Joanne Jung Feb. 18, 2011 6:00 a.m. Biblical Exposition, Spiritual Formation, Historical Theology

In the current spiritual formation culture it is easy to equate our spirituality with undertaking spiritual disciplines. There is a temptation to think of spiritual formation as the result of a formula—that if I just do certain activities, I’ll be mature. Frustration can set in, however, when we don’t see any immediate change. What helps is remembering that our spiritual transformation is a life-long process and knowing that we are not left alone in this undertaking. Indeed, each of the members of the Trinity plays a part.

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