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Super Bowl Player Turns Interview Into Invitation to Trust Jesus

By Jason Oakes Jan. 31, 2014 11:20 a.m. Culture

I have watched Russell Okung play since he was a college player at Oklahoma State. Now he is the starting left tackle for the Seattle Seahawks. (If you don't know your football, it is the same position on the offensive line that was highlighted in the movie "Blind Side.") This week, amid the media frenzy that leads up to this huge event, Okung capitalized his interview time to give a compelling case for Jesus.

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Curious how to teach the doctrine of inerrancy? Yeah, me too.

By Jason Oakes Oct. 9, 2013 10:08 p.m. Christian Education, Theology

Next month at the annual meeting of ETS (the Evangelical Theological Society) in Baltimore, 6 experienced Bible teachers have agreed to participate in a discussion on the important task of teaching the doctrine of inerrancy (and teaching it well).    

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Two Thoughts About Giving Thanks

By Jason Oakes Nov. 21, 2012 1:40 p.m. Culture, Theology

This is the season for giving thanks. This year, I have turned to a few guides as I have attempted to think theologically about the importance of thanksgiving. Both have given me tremendous insight in how I should think about gratitude in response to God and his good gifts. Here are two very quick blessings I have received from these guides that I would like to share with you.

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A Few Good Books About Worldviews

By Jason Oakes Aug. 5, 2011 10:25 a.m. Apologetics, Philosophy

We introduce worldviews in one of the undergraduate classes that I teach here at Biola. Sometimes students ask for book recommendations beyond those that we read for the class. Here are a few recommend books divided into three different categories. This list is by no means exhaustive.

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Lessons from the Life of Francis Schaeffer

By Jason Oakes Jun. 22, 2011 5:13 a.m. Apologetics, Spiritual Formation

I recently prepped a new elective on Francis Schaeffer for undergraduate students at Biola. Rather than restricting our time to his apologetics only, we focused on his life and thought as a whole. I have admired Schaeffer since I took a similar class when I was in seminary, but God used this class to teach me four lessons that I want to share. 

1.  Humility in Ministry 

2.  Dependency upon God

3.  Racial Injustice

4.  Marriage

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Prone to Wander III- Battling Doubt

By Jason Oakes May. 26, 2011 8:17 a.m. Philosophy, Spiritual Formation, Theology

“Stop doubting!  Just have faith!”  I wish I knew how many times I have heard that advice.  Every time I hear it, my reaction is the same: complete frustration.  I want to shriek, “I CAN’T!  THAT’S THE PROBLEM!”

Yet, we know that doubt must be battled.  Os Guinness, in his book God in the Dark, argues that doubt is the state of being caught between belief and unbelief.  I like to add that doubt is not stationary.  Doubt, if not battled, moves us toward unbelief.  It is like trying to run up an escalator going down.  If you stop climbing, you automatically find yourself descending. 

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Prone to Wander II- Christians Sometimes Doubt

By Jason Oakes Apr. 20, 2011 9:53 a.m. Philosophy, Spiritual Formation, Theology

John Calvin states that doubt is a part of the Christian faith:  “Surely, while we teach that faith ought to be certain and assured, we cannot imagine any certainty that is not tinged with doubt, or any assurance that is not assailed by some anxiety.”

I agree with Calvin that Christians can experience bouts of theological doubt.  In my last post I introduced different kinds of doubt.  In my next post, I hope to offer tips for battling doubt.  Here, my goal is to show that believers sometimes doubt.

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