Rick Langer

Thanksgiving Then and Now

By Rick Langer Nov. 7, 2011 8:42 a.m. Church Life, Culture

Thanksgiving from William Bradford to George Washingto to Abraham Lincoln to 9/11, has not just been a holiday celebration but rather a discipline of gratitude grown in the soil of adversity.

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The Road to More and the City of Enough

By Rick Langer Mar. 18, 2011 8:28 a.m. Biblical Exposition, Culture

We live in one of the most materially prosperous cultures that the world has ever known. We live with full stomachs and warm houses, surrounded by technological toys, secured by gates and walls, tended by the best of medical practice, and endlessly entertained by a 24/7 stream of media. There is only one thing we are missing: contentment. Why is "enough" so hard to find?

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