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#MeToo, #WeToo

By Octavio Esqueda Oct. 30, 2017 3:00 p.m. Church Life, Culture, Marriage and Family, Ministry and Leadership

The phrase or hashtag #MeToo became viral in social media in recent days. “Me Too” is not a new phrase; the African-American social activist Tarana Burke started using it ten years ago, but it became a media trending topic recently. This phrase represents a public acknowledgement that a person (although women are sadly the vast majority) has been sexually harassed or assaulted. It has been heartbreaking to read the countless testimonies of people who had the courage to share their abuse stories—many of them for the first time—with openness and frankness ...

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#YoTambién, #NosotrosTambién

By Octavio Esqueda Oct. 30, 2017 3:00 p.m. Church Life, Culture, Marriage and Family, Ministry and Leadership

La frase o “hashtag” #metoo (yo también) se ha hecho viral en las redes sociales en los últimos días. No es una frase nueva porque desde hace 10 años la activista afroamericana Tarana Burke intentó hacerla pública, pero no ha sido sino hasta estos días que su uso se ha convertido en una tendencia social. La frase indica un reconocimiento público que una mujer, principalmente y en su gran mayoría aunque también incluye hombres, ha sido víctima de cualquier tipo de acoso sexual o incluso violación. Ha sido desgarrador leer los innumerables testimonios de personas que han tenido la valentía de contar sus historias y hablar de frente, en muchas ocasiones por primera vez, sobre el abuso que sufrieron ...

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Love and Compassion, Respect and Dialogue: A European Perspective

By Markus Zehnder Oct. 25, 2017 9:00 a.m. Apologetics, Biblical Exposition, Church Life, Culture, Ethics

I present these thoughts from the perspective of someone who grew up in and is familiar with the academic and spiritual situation on the European continent. My observation is that many of the trends that have eroded a robust Christian influence on European culture are very much active in the Evangelical world of the US in the current situation as well ...

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Grieving Like God

By Betsy Barber Oct. 24, 2017 12:00 p.m. Church Life, Culture, Marriage and Family, Ministry and Leadership, New Testament, Old Testament, Spiritual Formation

When my father died, I grieved. My father died on a Sunday morning, early. His hospital roommate told us that Dad had spent his last night—the whole night—praying softly for his family, person by person, before dying peacefully in the early morning. Even though we’d known that he would die soon from bone cancer, and knew that he was eager to be home with the Lord, it was still a shock. It was still too soon.

Death is like that: it always surprises us and it interrupts our lives. We stop, and we grieve.

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Post-Postmodernism: Engaging the New Spirit of the Age with Clarity, Conviction, and Compassion

By Thaddeus Williams Oct. 11, 2017 9:00 a.m. Culture, Ethics, Theology

Fifteen years ago in Paris, I had a conversation with a young existentialist who said something as unflattering as it was memorable: “Whatever the world does the church does ten years later and worse.” My new friend was talking about Christian music, describing a decade lag factor, a slowness to recognize and adapt to cultural changes that, in his estimation, rendered the church musically irrelevant ...

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Is Biblical Teaching on Sex Hateful and Repressive?

By Sean McDowell Sep. 29, 2017 4:15 p.m. Apologetics, Culture, Ethics, Marriage and Family

Let’s face it; we live in a world saturated with sex. Our movies, music, novels, politics, and even advertisements are dominated by sex. Essentially, the celebrated view of sex in our culture is: if it feels good, do it. According to the ideas propagated by the late Hugh Hefner, and others in the sexual revolution, anything that prevents someone from experiencing consensual sex in whatever fashion he or she desires is viewed as harmful and repressive ...

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The World Will End On Saturday

By Joe Hellerman Sep. 21, 2017 9:00 a.m. Church Life, Culture, Evangelism, Ministry and Leadership, New Testament

My students in Exegesis In The Gospels (a second-year Greek course) were delighted to discover that (in the words of one news agency) “Christian conspiracy theorists have gathered clues that suggest the end of the world is nigh" ...

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