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Christians Against the Law?

By Kenneth Way Dec. 4, 2014 9:00 a.m. Old Testament, Theology

To what extent should Christians follow the Old Testament law? I submit that the proper question should not be “Which laws are relevant?” but rather “How are all these laws relevant?” Instead of dismissing priests, holy places and sacrifices as unrelated to Christian living, one would do better, in my opinion, to explore how God is revealed through all of these and how God specifically relates to the ritual categories of space, status and time in the contemporary Christian experience.

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Windows to the Ancient World of the Hebrew Bible

By Kenneth Way Jun. 3, 2014 9:00 a.m. Biblical Exposition, Old Testament

I want to recommend a recent book that brings honor to one of my teachers, Rabbi and Professor Samuel Greengus from Hebrew Union College—Jewish Institute of Religion.  It is called Windows to the Ancient World of the Hebrew Bible: Essays in Honor of Samuel Greengus (Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 2014), and it is edited by Bill Arnold, Nancy Erickson and John Walton. 


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Is the Bible Wrong about Camels in Genesis?

By Kenneth Way Feb. 19, 2014 9:00 a.m. Apologetics, Biblical Exposition, Old Testament

Recent news reports[1] are claiming that the references to camels in the patriarchal narratives (Gen 12:16; etc.) of Genesis are “anachronistic,” or historically out of place, because there is allegedly no evidence for camel domestication before the tenth century BC. This claim is actually not new, since it was made by W. F. Albright over seventy years ago, but is it true?  

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Canaanization: Israel’s Problem and Ours

By Kenneth Way Oct. 28, 2013 8:29 a.m. Biblical Exposition, Church Life, Ministry and Leadership, Old Testament, Spiritual Formation, Theology

I recently completed a manuscript on the book of Judges for Baker’s Teach the Text Commentary Series.  It took me about three and a half years to write the short text, and I want to share just a few highlights from what I learned during my study.


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Teach the Text Commentary Series

By Kenneth Way Sep. 30, 2013 6:55 a.m. Biblical Exposition, Christian Education, Church Life, Ministry and Leadership, New Testament, Old Testament, Spiritual Formation, Theology

2013 is the inaugural year of an innovative biblical commentary series edited by John Walton and Mark Straus (published by Baker Books).  It’s called Teach the Text because that is what it is about: helping people to teach the biblical text effectively.  It combines literary, background and exegetical analysis with theological, pedagogical and homiletical discussion.  But it does this in a surprisingly concise and accessible manner.  


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The Cyrus Cylinder in SoCal

By Kenneth Way Aug. 26, 2013 8:29 a.m. Apologetics, Biblical Exposition, Old Testament

By Thomas Finley and Kenneth Way

From October 2 to December 8 of this year the Cyrus Cylinder will make a visit to The Getty Villa (in Malibu, CA) as part of a tour of the United States. This will be an amazing opportunity to see in person this artifact that gives significant background information for the Bible.


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Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary

By Kenneth Way Jul. 29, 2013 12:27 p.m. Biblical Exposition, New Testament, Old Testament, Theology

The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary, edited by Tremper Longman III (with Peter Enns and Mark Strauss), is now available for purchase as an E-Book or in hardcover.  This one-volume dictionary offers 1767 full-color pages and more than 5,000 articles by 124 Bible scholars.  You might ask, “Why should I care about this Bible dictionary?”  You should care because many of the contributors are Talbot faculty.  


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